Twisted thorny brambles wind their way around and through the ancient skull of The King Stag to form a crown of thorns reaching toward the light. Get lost in every hand sculpted feature, complete with tiny thorns, a weathered skull and heavily detailed...
A blooming lotus flower.
An intricately detailed four headed wolf necklace for lovers of fantasy. Fearless / Devoted / Relentless / Focused. These are the strengths of the Wolf. With the finest of razor sharp teeth, delicate tufts of flowing fur, and cold impenetrable eyes, The...
A simple daisy, replete with delicate petals and tiny bits of pollen.
An intricately detailed four headed raven necklace.
An intricately detailed anatomical human heart surrounded with roses, vines, and tiny thorns. "Betwixt the cautioning thorny brambles perch rosy petals beguiling as gossamer. Yet deep within this wreathing veil does burn the fearsome heart of me."
A classic human skull face.