The Kinship of the Wolf


An intricately detailed four headed wolf necklace for lovers of fantasy. Fearless / Devoted / Relentless / Focused. These are the strengths of the Wolf. With the finest of razor sharp teeth, delicate tufts of flowing fur, and cold impenetrable eyes, The Kinship of the Wolf is a rare beauty. "...I could be thy protector my lord... or you a sheath for countless swords..." When I think on the mythology of the archetypal wolf, I envision not only a creature of lethal singular brutality, but also one possessing a spectrum of loyalty and trust, traits that could yield a life long companionship, similar to modern dogs. I imagine the conundrum of the weary traveler who stumbles upon a lone wolf in the immemorial frozen wilds ...To flee, to fight, or to plead for your life? The traveler is given one brief moment to decide their fate. What path would they choose, and at what cost? After all, a mythical wolf could make the most steadfast of friends, or simply make the briefest of ends... Which quality do you possess?

The Kinship of the Wolf Reviews

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The Kinship Of The Wolf Review

Posted by Trung Nguyen on Dec 27th 2021

Extraordinary details of craftmanship, expressing a very unique artistic sense. Truly a unique master piece!

Wolf pendant

Posted by on Jan 4th 2020

This really a wonderful and impressive piece of art/ jewelry. It is bigger than I thought, which is nice. It is substantially heavier than I thought too. It arrived quickly. I a very happy with it!

Kinship of the wolf

Posted by Sam on Jun 3rd 2019

Absolutely worth it the detail is amazing it has a nice weight to it and is perfectly sized to go in. The support in getting the item was handled well and I was kept up to date with everything I wanted to know. Overall an amazing product and well worth the money.

wolf totem

Posted by Misty on May 19th 2019

has a good weight to it and perfectly detailed!

Kinship of the wolf

Posted by Kristen on Mar 29th 2019

Absolutely stunning! So much better and detailed than I expected. Heavy and the chain is a good quality. So in love with this guy

How can so much detail go into one piece of jewelry?

Posted by Greg Henderson on Mar 21st 2019

One of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I've ever seen, let alone work. Top-notch build quality. You'll spend hours just examining all the little details that go into this pendant. People will stop you on the street and ask about it - it's that awesome.


Posted by Teagrrs on Mar 9th 2019

Wonderful piece, very detailed. I've gotten compliments on it already. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future items (fingers crossed for hyenas??)

Detailed AF

Posted by Jason on Dec 28th 2018

The product in and of itself is amazing. The detail and the overall aesthetic is something you have to see up close because the pics do not do enough justice. He made several efforts to get this product in my hands, as it would be a gift for my brother, who was very impressed. This is a unique item and very worth the purchase.

Very impressed!

Posted by Luis Maldonado on Oct 9th 2018

This Item came in less than a week and was beautiful when recieved. Makes a great gift and fits well with any outfit. This pendant was truly an eye opener on how much work these guys put in on their details!