The Kinship of the Raven


An intricately detailed four headed raven necklace for lovers of fantasy. Protective / Wise / Patient / Virtuous. These are the strengths of the Raven. With the most delicate of wings, a long elegant beak, and wide all seeing eyes, The Kinship of the Raven is a rare beauty. Ravens have a long and diverse mythology. Whether as messengers, seers of the unseeable past and future, or as harbingers of doom, they are nearly always attributed with insight and a deep knowledge of the workings of the world. I like to imagine them as sentries - tireless guardians of the innocent that together form a bulwark against invaders.

The Kinship of the Raven Reviews

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The Kinship of the Raven

Posted by Caleb Christich on Aug 31st 2021

I made this purchase as a gift for a friend. They absolutely loved it! The craftsmanship is incredible. Will be ordering again.


Posted by Unknown on Apr 14th 2021

Fantastic quality, second one I've gotten

Kinship of the raven

Posted by Keni on Nov 25th 2020

Very detailed and a great necklace to have, I couldn’t be anymore happy with it! The seller is also great and helped me with one of my past purchases.

Kinship of the raven

Posted by Keni on Nov 25th 2020

Great quality, very detailed and one of a kind.
The seller is great when it comes to customers and has also helped me with replacing one of my necklaces.

Kinship of the crow

Posted by Unknown on Mar 11th 2019


Fantastically made, beautiful work, very unique and got to me extremely fast

Posted by Jon Gibson on Mar 9th 2019

Couldn't ask for anything better